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Battery swapping unicorn company - Aulton completes series B strategic financing

Aulton, the world's leading smart energy service platform - has officially announced that the company has completed a Series B strategic financing of RMB 1.5 billion. The government platform fund-Guangzhou International Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Development Zone GET formed a special fund, with joint strategic leadership from Enze Fund. Also, Guangdong Merchant Venture Capital Limited, CY Capital, KIP (China) and other socialized diversified capital have followed the investment. After the Series B financing, Aulton has received a total of RMB 3.5 billion investment from founders, NIO Capital, BAIC BJEV, and the current round of investment institutions.



Industry enters a fast track of development with strong policy support for battery swapping


In this year's National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang's government work report clearly proposed to “increase the number of parking lots, charging stations, battery swapping stations and other facilities, and accelerate the construction of power battery recycling system”. In April 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology took the lead, and together with relevant ministries and commissions, has launched a pilot project for the battery swapping cities. The General Office of the State Council issued the NEV Industry Development Plan (2021-2035), which clearly states the development vision of “striving for a convenient and efficient charging and battery swapping service network after 15 years of sustained efforts” and proposes the tasks of “vigorously promoting the construction of charging and switching networks. Lay out the charging and swapping infrastructure scientifically and encourage the application of the battery swapping mode”, as well as clarify the direction to continuously promote the construction of electric vehicle charging and swapping facilities.



Six Core Advantages of Aulton

On September 23, Aulton was awarded the title of “KPMG - China Leading Autotech 50” at the Shanghai Lujiazui Industry Forum due to its six core advantages.

First, the word’s leading battery swapping technology. Aulton has obtained nearly 3,000 global patented technologies, such as battery swapping within 20 seconds and fiber optic temperature measurement.


Second, Be the first to break through with the implementation of shared battery swapping for multi-brand models. Aulton has cooperated with more than 20 mainstream automobile enterprises, such as BAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Changan, SAIC and GAC, to develop more than 20 battery swapping vehicle models, not only in the field of passenger vehicles, but also in the field of commercial vehicles (heavy trucks, light trucks, minivans, etc.), which are compatible with the sharing of multi-brand vehicle models in the Aulton Battery Swap APP network, which perfectly suits the intensification of social resources and maximization of economic benefits.


Third, the word’s leading service network layout. The current layout of Aulton's new energy battery swapping network has landed in nearly 30 cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun, Wuhan, Chongqing, Kunming, Haikou, Sanya and many other first-tier and provincial capitals cities, realizing a large-scale city-level service network layout.


Fourth, the word’s leading user scale. The total number of registered users and service users in Aulton Battery Swapping APP operation network has reached 50,000, and the total mileage has exceeded 2.5 billion kilometers, with the highest mileage of a single vehicle exceeding one million kilometers.

Fifth, Highly compatible business model with the “national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategy”. Aulton's business not only reflects green nature of new energy, but also relies on the energy storage and green energy applications in the battery swapping business, which has generated huge and innovative business models for peak valley regulation of power grid, V to S and S to G, and battery recycling.


Sixth, the diversified business ecology cooperation model. On the one hand, Aulton actively cooperates with all parts of society with an open and sharing attitude, and has so far cooperated with national energy giants including Sinopec, vehicle enterprises such as BAIC BJEV, Internet enterprises such as FlashEx and Feng Chao, and travel enterprises such as Nanjing Meiao. On the other hand, Aulton has fully opened up a variety of business cooperation modes such as joint venture cooperation, platform joining, resource complementation, industry chain grafting, etc., and business is expanding at a high speed under the ecological mode.


Cai Dongqing, Chairman of Aulton, stated that in the context of the national “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” strategy, the transformation of the automotive industry and electrification is becoming a mainstream trend. The mission of Aulton is to “swap to create a blue sky, let users get rid of the trouble of electricity replenishing, and share out the maximum value of the battery”. Aulton will actively carry out its social mission and strive to become the world's leading smart energy service platform.